Triveni TAM 500 M-ED Based Audiometer


Packing List

  1. TAM500M-E
  2. HD-01headphones optional TDH49 Headphones.
  3. Radio Ear B71or Oticon A20 Bone conductor.
  4. A USB cable for computer connection.
  5. External microphone with lapel clip.
  6. CD containing TAM-Control software.
  7. Patient Response Switch
  8. Operating Manual.
  9. Carry Case.


Features and Specifications:

  1. FIRST TIME IN INDIA New Generation D.S.P Technology.
  2. Capacitive touch-sensitive keys (Just like Apple iPod)
  3. Very accurate frequency and threshold generation.
  4. Completely click less interrupt.
  5. Special Tests:
  6. Warble Tone
  7. S.I.S.I.
  8. T.D.
  9. SAL.
  10. ABLB.
  11. Auto Threshold.
  12. In Speech, Audiometry TAM500M-E can show horizontal bar and frequency spectrum of the incoming speech.
  13. Output mode can be Air conduction LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT+RIGHT. Bone conduction LEFT, RIGHT. Free field LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT+RIGHT.
  14. Three selectable filter settings for Speech Audiometry.
  15. +10dB key.
  16. Dedicated Pulse Tone key.
  17. Masking:-Wide, Narrow & Speech band noise.
  18. Dedicated L-R toggle key.
  19. Ability to store up to 500 Audiograms in internal memory. These audiograms can be downloaded to P.C using the provided software.
  20. Bone conduction:-125(40),250Hz(50dB),500Hz(70dB),750Hz(70dB), 1Khz(70dB),1.5Khz(70dB),2Khz(70dB),3Khz(70dB),4Khz(70dB), 6Khz(70dB).
  21. Air conduction:-125(80dB),250Hz(90dB),500Hz(120dB),750Hz(120dB), 1Khz(120dB),1.5Khz(120dB),2Khz(120dB),3Khz(120dB),4Khz(120dB), 6Khz(100dB),8Khz(100dB).
  22. Complete digital calibration.
  23. It can be connected to a computer via a USB port.
  24. PC software provided free of cost in standard packing.
  25. It can be connected to a Free-Field Amplifier.
  26. Operates from 50/60Hz90vto270v AC supply.

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