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How do i apply for EMI Plan

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How do I access my loan account?

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Do I Need to register my Hearing Aid Center To offer EMI Option ?

NO. You do not need to register your center with us to offer EMI Option to your customers. It is Open to all Hearing Aid Centers to use this platform.

What benefit does the customer get ?

By offering the hearing aid on EMI basis, the customer can afford to buy the hearing aid that he needs. Instead of buying a lower cost hearing aid with less features, the customer can opt for a better featured hearing aid at affordable EMI.

Can a customer directly buy a hearing aid from you ?

We do not encourage customers to buy hearing aid from us directly without consulting an Hearing Aid Center.

What documents are required for loan approval ?

Documents required from Customer are :

Scanned copy of ID Proof : Aadhar front side.

Scanned copy of Address Proof : Drivers Licence, Aadhar

Net Banking Account or pdf copy of 3months Bank Statement.

The Product I am looking for, is not available ?

As we are constantly adding new products to our website, some of the products you are looking for, might not have been uploaded. Please do let us know which product you would like to purchase ( dispense) and we will upload the same immediately. Time frame :  10mins.

Who pays the interest for the EMI ?

NO interest is charged to the customer. Customer will get refund of interest within 3-4 working days. Interest charges are borne by the Hearing Aid Center.

What are the charges to the Hearing Aid Center ?

The Service Charges are charged to the Hearing Aid Center.

How do i receive my payment ?

You have to enter your Hearing Aid Center Name and address in the ORDER OPTIONS box at the Checkout Page. Based on which we will make the payment to you after deducting any charges payable to us.

When do i receive my payment ?

You will receive your payment within 3-4 working days.

When do I dispense the Hearing Aid to the customer ?

Once the loan is approved, you can dispense the hearing aid immediately. The customer will get loan approval SMS after completing the process. After which you can dispense the hearing aid. For confirmation of loan approval or any queries regarding the same, please contact us at +91 98401 91569.

How do I become a Partner Center ?

You can write to us at [email protected] or you can call us at +91 98401 91569 and we will give you the required form for enlisting your center as our partner center.

What benefit do I get by becoming a Partner Center ?

By becoming a partner center, your center will be displayed as a partner center in our website. Customer asking for hearing aid in your city or location, will be directed to your center for testing, trial and fitting. You will also benefit with more customers from our digital marketing campaign.

Whom do I contact for further information ?

You can write to us at [email protected] or you can call us at +91 98401 91569.